About IPMA

IPMA® is a world leading non-profit making project management organisation. In 1965 a group of innovative people created a forum for project managers to network and share information. The result was IPMA, the world’s first project management association.

First IPMA conference was held in 1967 in Vein. This conference is still annually holding in different countries.

Since then IPMA has grown and spread worldwide. With members in more than 50 countries IPMA has become an international network of project management associations throughout the world.

Each national association, wich is member of this networks base own activities on national requirements and IPMA general provisions and presents its on international level.

Over the years IPMA has developed the world’s leading certification program and played a major role in the promotion and progress of project management.

IPMA® actively promotes project management to businesses and organisations around the world. In order to increase the recognition of the profession:

Activities of IPMA

Through IPMA® project managers from all cultures and all parts of the world can network, share ideas and bring project management forward in good co-operation.

Activities include:

IPMA Membership

An individual or company automatically supports IPMA if they become a member of a project management association which is a member of IPMA. If there is no Member Association in a country, then direct ‘international’ membership is available to them and the certification can be done with an existing certification body.

IPMA Membership Benefits