Education & Training

The Education and Training Board (E&T Board) addresses the complex relationships between education, training and employment in professional project management. Although the E&T Board does not directly offer training courses, it assists in the development of resources for use by students and professionals.

A key challenge facing PM practitioners is to assure that all PM learning and training efforts and costs actually return the intended benefits. We face this challenge, whether the purpose of the learning is individual career development, for increased project success, or for improved performance of the sponsoring organizations.

The goal of PMDAN Education and Training is:

«Increase PMDAN’s visibility and impact by developing products and services that enhance performance»

The goal translates into the following sub-goals:

  • Actively promote the value of project management Education & Training (E&T)
  • Support and increase visibility and impact of E&T among Members
  • Facilitate the sustainable development of Members through E&T, to improve PPPM competence and improve organisation results
  • Develop and recognize E&T excellence
  • Offer IPMA E&T products and services that Move Forward individuals, organisations and society
  • Network with appropriate E&T related providers (Training organisations, Universities, Authors, Publishers, Developers, PM Training Video Producers, IPMA World Congress organizers etc).
  • Enable project managers around the nation and region to take part in the advancement of PM E&T
  • Support the use of ICB®, the IPMA Competence Baseline (our framework for relevant learning)

Main Audiences:

Individuals Organizations
·    PM Trainers & Educators ·    Project oriented organisations
·    PM Students ·    Fresh or less mature MAs
·    Professional Project Managers & PMO Managers ·    MAs under establishment
·    PM Certification (esp. individual certification levels) ·    Training Organizations
·    Executives and Officials, Recruiters and HR ·    Universities
·    Professional Speaker Training Companies