Corporate Membership

Through our Corporate Membership program, we provide organisations and their employees with the opportunity to access project management events, resources and certification programs, through PMDAN membership at a discounted rate.

Corporate Membership Enrolment / Annual Fee — NGN50’000.

1. The organisation shall fill PMDAN Membership Application Form

2. The organisation shall pay the enrolment / current year’s membership fee

3. The PMDAN membership committee prepares certificate of corporate membership.

4. Issue of Corporate Membership Certificates.

5. PMDAN membership committee publishes information about Issue of Corporate Membership Certificate on PMDAN’s website.

Corporate Membership Benefits:

Maximize the benefit of your membership by becoming actively involved with PMDAN. Download Corporate Membership Form (Adobe PDF File)

1. As well as individual membership being provided at a reduced cost, involvement with PMDAN as a corporate member allows your project staff to gain the appreciation they deserve for the great work they are doing.  Contributing to events such as the Project Excellence Awards at national and international level provides a platform for organizations to showcase their projects and win awards for excellence in project management.

2. Sponsoring PMDAN events such as the national conference and the PMDAN publications, is a great way for organizations to gain exposure to other industries and benefit from networking opportunities.

3. By encouraging and supporting your project personnel to become involved with the PMDAN, your organization has the opportunity to improve the skills of its project team members, ultimately contributing to greater efficiency, performance, quality assurance, and project completion rates.

4. PMDAN supports its members by providing resources and services in the areas of knowledge management, recognition, training, governance, research and profession.

5. Our IPMA 4-L-C System, Continuous Development Program (CPD), event networking opportunities and discounts to members are valuable benefits for members who join under the banner of an organization.

6. Involvement with PMDAN supports our mission to promote and advance the academy and professional development of project managers’ competency in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (PPPM)in Nigeria and Africa.  By supporting PMDAN you are in turn supporting the growth and up grading the skills of your Project Managers.

7. PMDAN is about improving performance in the delivery of projects across all industries and assisting growth in the wider project management community through visibility.

Corporate member involvement means:

  • encouraging your project staff to become members of PMDAN and actively acquire their IPMA-4-L Certification;
  • assisting your employees to manage their Continuous Development Program through upgrading their skills, attending courses and events;
  • encouraging project staff to network with PMDAN members from other industries;
  • participating in events as a speaker or participant;
  • submitting papers and sponsor the R&D or attend the functions;
  • assisting with the implementation of an internal awards program for Project Managers, project team members and Project Directors. This program can be linked to the Project Excellence Awards program; and
  • sponsoring or attending the PMDAN National Conference and World Congress.


As a corporate member your company will:

  • receive a certificate acknowledging their involvement with PMDAN;
  • be able to use the PMDAN logo;
  • receive free advertising of your internal project management positions on the Jobs Board of PMDAN; and
  • be listed on our Corporate Membership Directory with a link to your corporate web site.

Corporate Membership Responsibilities

  • Corporate members are expected to encourage their project staff to: join PMDAN as individual members; actively acquire their IPMA certification; network with PMDAN members from other industries
  • Corporate members are expected to assist employees in managing their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) through attending courses and events, in order to maintain their IPMA certification.
  • Member organisations should also participate by attending events as speakers or participants, submitting papers, sponsoring the IPMA Project Excellence Awards (PE Awards) or attending functions such as the PMDAN National Conference and IPMA World Congress.
  • They are also expected to assist with the implementation of our awards program for project managers.

Corporate members benefit by developing their staffs’ skills as Project Managers, thus adding value to their organization and helping them to retain valuable personnel. They also benefit by developing their profile and enterprise-wide abilities as a project management organization, helping to increase their marketability and enhance their credibility in the public and private sector.

For further information regarding Corporate Membership please contact  the Membership board via email on [email protected], [email protected]


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