Level C

IPMA Level C Certification : Certified Project Manager

What You Need to Know About Level C Certification


IPMA level C Certification is a confirmation of experience level in managing projects. Level C certificate holders have demonstrated that they possess the competences as described by the IPMA International Competence Baseline®, and have shown to consistently apply those, taking responsibility in a leading role.


Entry Criteria for Project Manager

An IPMA Level C certification requires that the candidate has acted in a project management role within a moderately complex project environment within an organisation.
Eligibility criteria include that within the last six years the candidate needs to have a minimum of three years’ experience as a project manager within projects of moderate complexity, or a minimum of three years’ experience in a responsible project management role assisting the project manager in complex projects.

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Level C is constructed in terms of the management of others in projects of moderate complexity throughout the life cycle through the application of knowledge/theory across all relevant competences.

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About  PMDAN

PMDAN (IPMA Member Association in Nigeria) organizes project, programme and portfolio management certification in line with the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline®, ICB version 4 (ICB4)

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