Information about the IPMA Certification

The IPMA certification provides international peer recognition of one’s competence. It compliments and enhances other technical, business or other equivalent qualifications, by demonstrating that an individual is also competent in the crucial ability to manage projects, programmes and portfolios.

Also, through participation in the certification process, individuals enhance their confidence in their project, programme and portfolio management and general business competences.

PMDAN (IPMA Member Association in Nigeria) organises project, programme and portfolio management certification in line with the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline®, ICB version 4 (ICB4)

The ICB4 defines the competences needed for each of these domains (projects, programmes and portfolios) in the following competence areas:

  • People: consists of the personal and interpersonal competences required to successfully participate in or lead a project, programme or portfolio;
  • Practice: consists of the methods, tools and techniques used in Projects, Programmes or Portfolios to realise their success and
  • Perspective: these include the methods, tools and techniques through which individuals interact with the environment, as well as the rationale that leads people, organisations and societies to start and support projects, programmes and portfolios.


IPMA Four Level Certification System

IPMA competency-based, four level certification (4-L-C) certification system offers the opportunity to reflect developing competence. The certificates awarded to individuals are based on typical project, programme and portfolio management roles carried out in practice. The certifications are broken down into IPMA level A, level B, level C and level D.

If you want to learn more about the different certification level, please see here.


Certification Process

The certification process involves several steps for the assessment of a candidate in line with the International Certification Regulations (ICR. When candidates meet the competence requirements, they can apply directly for the desired Level. You do not need to start at level D and move your way up to C and B and A.

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Certified Individuals

If you want to learn more about individuals certified by PMDAN, please see here.

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