Project management as a professional activity is increasingly recognized, qualified and certified.   Project management has become a key driving force for both organizations and individuals.
Our mission – to develop a project management culture for practitioners and professionals in Nigeria and Africa at large that supports an effective economy.
Professional work of specialists of the Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria (PMDAN) became the basis for the formation of principles and criteria of positioning the company in the market, which helped gain the trust of customers, partners and competitors. 
The main objectives of the Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria (PMDAN) : 
  • improving the professionalism of project management;
  • distribution and use of international standards of project management;
  • the use of modern techniques in project management;
  • responsibility for the process of certification in project management;
  • assessment of the competence of professionals and their certification;
  • develop project management;
  • providing consultancy services in project management;
  • increased international cooperation in the field of project management and representation of IPMA in Nigeria;
  • carrying out conferences, seminars and training on project management;
  • carrying out research works and improvements in project management;
  • development of information technology applications in project management;