Due to limitation period of certificate validity, certified project managers (certificate holders) may apply for re-certification procedure.

The conditions of re-certification procedure are project management activities, continuing education and professional development, also acquirement of project management experience and skills.

The procedure for re-certification of project managers:

  • The re-certification candidate provides a list of all documents specified below;
  • Certification body provides assessors with standard form for evaluation assessment of re- certification candidate;
  • Certification body makes a decision on whether the certificate can be renewed or not on the basis of the total evaluation of assessors;
  • Candidate shall get updated certificate, in case of favourable decision.

Documents for re-certification:

  • Updated application form — (download);
  • Updated curriculum vitae (CV);
  • Updated self-assessment sheet — (download);
  • Updated projects, programmes and portfolio list — (download);
  • Report about professional activities that have occurred during the actual period of certificate validity (includes: function, responsibilities and tasks of the re-certification candidate in projects, programmes and portfolios, the complexity of the projects, programmes and portfolios was involved in them);
  • Report about the continuing education of the re-certification candidate to maintain and improve his level of competence in project management during the actual period in which the certificate was valid is (includes: any training he has undergone, experience gained, and any contributions he has made to his ongoing development in project management);
  • List of individuals who can provide references, who are aware of candidate’s competence in project management and who can be contacted by the assessors of the certification body if necessary;
  • Complaints in writing about his project management competence or professional conduct, they should be listed in candidates’s re-certification application (if applicable).
  • Additional evidence on competence level, development and professional conduct of candidate (at will).

Re-certification fees:

Level Cost, NGN
D 60’000 (360EUR)
C 100’000 (480EUR)