About Us

Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria (PMDAN) is registered as a non-profit making organization by “INCORPORATED TRUSTEES OF PROJECT MANAGERS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (PMDAN)”. Companies and Allied Maters Act No. 1 1990 Part C. PMDAN was founded on December 29, 2010 and registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission, FCT Abuja to serve as the umbrella organization in Nigeria to promote and advance the academy and professional development of project managers and to establish alliances with recognized national and international organizations.

Activities of PMDAN

In the coming years, PMDAN seeks to establish alliances with recognized national and international resource and organizations. Our international relation is enhanced through the formal acceptance as Member Association of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

What is lacking is the development of proper project management principles, standards, knowledge, and a platform that furthers the discipline in order to achieve or exceed project expectations.

PMDAN has gone through several deliberations with project experts of Nigerian origin that felt the need to establish a truly Nigerian member association of the IPMA to reflect our cultural perspectives and create ways of improving project implementation peculiar to our environment.

We seek to appreciate and understand the needs of our members and to consistently improve the services and values we provide to them.

IPMA Certification shall be carried out by PMDAN as the national certification body of IPMA in Nigeria.

The procedure of certification shall be conducted on the basis of the four-level system of certification IPMA in accordance with the general principles and the standards

Recognition of certificates

The IPMA certification provides international peer recognition of one’s competence. It compliments and enhances other technical, business or other equivalent qualifications such as the European Qualification Framework System, by demonstrating that an individual is also competent in the crucial ability to manage projects. It assists in the recognition of the transferability of an individual’s skills from one organisation or industry to another. Also, through participation in the certification process, individuals enhance their confidence in their project management and general business competence

Benefits of Our Certification:

A multi level certification system offers the opportunity to reflect developing competence. The certificates awarded to individuals are based on typical project, programme and portfolio management roles carried out in practice. These roles in organisations are the possible career paths for people to move from secondary education into an organisation in a role in the project management profession. These levels provide a suitable framework for developing career paths in organisations as well as for creating development programmes for individuals and organisations.

Who May Apply:

Each candidate should have higher education in any specialty, independently of certification level.

The Certification Body of the Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria offers the following certification:

1. Certification System of the International Project Management Association IPMA ®

2. Certification of technological maturity of companies of the International Project Management Association IPMA®

3. Certification of Japanese Project Management Association PMAJ