Module 1: Basic Project Management Concepts
Basic PM Concepts describe the concepts of project, programme and portfolio and the linkage between these concepts and the organisation or organisations that are involved in the project. 
Understanding these concepts in a specific project situation is the most important basis for the assessment of a Project Manger’s competence
Session 1.1: Project orientation (ICB 3.01).  
This contextual competence element describes the promotion of project, programme and/or portfolio management in an organisation.
1. Assess the needs of the organisation to perform projects.
2. Consider the organisation and its culture and processes in relation to projects.
3. Make the business case for implementing a project orientation in the organisation versus other business improvement initiatives competing for management time.
4. Change the organisation, its culture and processes accordingly.
5. Monitor progress, learn from each project and apply learning to future projects.
  • Lead the development of project and project management concepts in an organisation. Direct project managers as well as interested parties successfully in the application of PM concepts. Guide (sub) programme and/or project managers in their development of these concepts. Implement PM concepts in projects or programmes.
  • Fully understand and apply the concepts of project and project management successfully in diverse situations. Guide (sub) project managers in their development of the concepts of project and project management.
  • Apply the concepts of project and project management
  • Acquire the required knowledge regarding the concepts of project and project management
Audience: Senior Executives, Project Directors, Senior Project Managers, Project Managers, Project Team members
Training Format: Live Virtual Class
Price: Free for Certified Members of the PMDAN. (Seminar, sponsored by our corporate member – DPM Ltd)
Duration: 2 hrs

Date: 11 August 2014


Trainer: Chinwi Mgbere, PhD, MSc

General Director (Projects Director), Facility Construction Directorate, Nazarbayev University,
President PMDAN,
Head Education & Training Board,
Head Certification Board.