Individual members

Documents for admission into PMDAN:


1. The candidate shall fill PMDAN Membership Application Form

2. The candidate must sign PMDAN member code of ethics

3. The candidate shall pay the enrolment / current year’s membership fee

4. The PMDAN membership committee prepares certificate of membership.

5. Issue of Membership Certificates.

6. PMDAN membership committee publishes information about Issue of Membership Certificate on PMDAN’s website.

Benefits of PMDAN Membership:

1. The ability to use attributes of the Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria «PMDAN» (logo, table flag).

2. Placing information about the organization / Individual free of charge on PMDAN website

3. Preferential participation in international and national events IPMA ®, PMDAN (conferences, seminars, etc.)

4. 10% discount on IPMA 4-L-C certification

5. Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria «PMDAN» membership Certificate

6. Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria «PMDAN» membership icon

7. Individual, student and corporate members meeting .

8. Possibility of accreditation of companies that provide training to prepare candidates for the certification of professional project managers in accordance with the requirements of the IPMA® certification program .

9. Ability to obtain information on international and national events in project management and participation in them.

10. Advice and practical assistance to professional project managers;

11. Access to the international press in project management and development of international networking.

Companies / individuals who want to join the Association may contact the office of PMDAN for more information at [email protected]